Success Rate Of Hair Transplant in Turkey

Success Rate Of Hair Transplant in Turkey

Let’s give information about Success Rate Of Hair Transplant in Turkey. But let’s talk about the processes that lead the patient to hair transplantation. This process starts with hair loss. If this cannot be prevented later, hair transplantation is the last resort.

What is Hair Loss?

Since the donor and the recipient are the same person, the success rate in hair transplantation is quite high. Especially with the Fue method, this rate is close to 100%. In addition, if you have identical twins, you can also get a hair transplant from them. Or you can give him hair follicles for hair transplant. But if there is no such possibility, you are the only buyer. When the transplantation process is completed after the surgery, the hair retains all its characteristic features. It maintains its normal states such as its growth speed and color, and its curlyness. It continues to develop where it is injected. The secret behind the high success rate of hair transplant surgery among plastic surgery operations is this: the tissues (hair follicles) belong to the person, the patient regains their hair after 6-7 months, it depends on factors such as the healthy and dense donor hair.

In the future, her hair would have to be healthy, black, blonde, auburn thin, and she should be able to influence success. A program that is requested in October is being carried out. Also, what will be done is in the operations within the best interventions. All this remains to be beautiful.

The Success Rate Of Hair Transplant in Turkey

What is The Success Rate Of Hair Transplant in Turkey? On average, most patients have between 80000-150000 hair follicles. This means that they experience 100-150 hair loss per day. Due to unhealthy intake of necessary foods, hormonal imbalance and many other reasons, hair follicles cannot function as in the first days and begin to fall out. In case of such problems, hair loss accelerates. In order to have hair for a long time, it should be fed in a balanced way without disturbing your body balance. It is also necessary to pay attention to hair-strengthening care products. If there is a problem in such matters, the problem of baldness may arise. We do hair transplantation in our health clinic in Antalya. We strongly recommend that you meet with our professional team in order to produce a complete solution to such problems.