fue and fut

Fue and Fut – What is Different?

Are you wonder what is different fue and fut? In our previous articles, we mentioned the FUE method and FUT methods. Let’s go into detail now. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of how they are made. In this article, we will comparatively examine how these two techniques differ from each other and try to give you information about the different points of these two methods used in hair transplantation.

Hair Transplantation with FUT Method

In hair transplantation performed with the FUT method, a piece is taken from the nape in the form of a strip. No distinction is made between quality and poor quality. This intake is taken with an incision of 2 x 15 – 20 centimeters. This leads to scarring after the incision. Bleeding occurs in the range of approximately 300-500 ml. When we calculate on a square centimeter basis, there is a planting in the range of 40-60 roots. Not all of the hairs taken with the incision can be transplanted because there is some hair loss during the extraction phase, which varies between approximately 10-25%.

In hair transplantation performed with the FUT method, 70-80 healthy hairs develop on average in 100 hair transplantations, the product is formed in 20-30 mature hair transplantation. In the plantings made with the FUT method, 4-8 months after planting may come the sowing dormancy time. We will talk about the side effects, pits in the eyes and hair roots can be shown as numb hiss. In addition, the transplanted hair grows upright and should be combed upwards as a target. With the FUT method, a minimum of 700 roots can be planted in one session, it is a painful operation, there are extended risks and it is a cheap person.

Hair Transplantation with FUE Method

In hair transplantation procedures performed with the FUE method, quality and non-shedding hairs are selected before transplantation. There is no incision. Therefore, there is no problem of leaving a trace. Although bleeding is around 20-30 ml, approximately 160 roots can be planted per square centimeter. In the FUE method, all the hairs selected as donors are transplanted. Moreover, there is no loss.

Approximately 102-110 hairs are obtained from every 100 hair transplanted. Root removal takes place just before the operation. There is no feeling of numbness after hair transplantation. Compared to hair transplantation with the FUT method, swelling does not occur. Since the hair is planted gradually (45-60), the desired shape is given. Although 100 hair follicles can be transplanted at once, there is no risk of possible inflammation. It is an expensive operation.