Expert Factor in Beard Transplantation

Expert Factor in Beard Transplantation

To what extent does the expert factor affect beard transplantation? The most aesthetic efforts of men are in their hair and beard. If hair care is not done correctly or due to genetic characteristics, hair loss may occur. These spills are caused by many factors. As a solution, beard transplantation is a last resort. At the same time, there may be problems such as not growing a beard in part or all of the face. These problems can also be eliminated by beard transplantation, just like in hair transplantation.

Expert factor in beard transplant

During the preparation stage of beard transplantation, the rules that must be followed in the same hair transplantation should be followed. For example, it is necessary to stay away from smoking and alcohol. It should be well slept before the application. Anything that could have a bad effect on the application like this should be avoided. The recommendations of the specialist must also be followed. Then the hair follicles to be taken from the ear will be fed with the help of some solutions. Then, beard channels are opened in areas where there is no beard on the face. Then, beard transplantation is performed in these channels. After a certain period of time, the sparse areas should be replanted and the process should be completed. After this beard transplantation, beard aesthetics, which is very popular today, may have been achieved for men.

Concealing Facial Scars with Beard Transplantation

Due to some negative effects, people may have beardless areas due to some scars or wounds on their faces. For example, it is possible to camouflage this negative image by transplanting a beard depending on the cause of the wound. The process of beard transplantation is used intensively, especially in beardless areas that may occur due to burns. This procedure is performed in other scars. Beard transplantation, just like hair transplantation, should be carried out by competent specialists. Otherwise, beards that do not grow visually properly remain far from expectations. The result changes in the operational processes that have been done more smoothly. Even male barbers do not notice a successful operation. There are very valuable businesses and experts, especially in metropolitan cities, that carry out beard transplantation operations, which have become very common in our country.