beard transplant in Turkey

Beard Transplant

In our clinic, our friendly health personnel are at your service in Antalya for those who want to have a beard transplant with new technologies.

Beard Transplant in Turkey/Antalya – Eyebrow Mustache and Hair Transplantation

Our team continues to improve itself by following the technology in health in Antalya. For the most successful result, you should choose between fut and fue techniques. The most appropriate method should be chosen according to the patient’s condition and your doctor’s recommendations. It is necessary to decide on this process by talking to each other. In addition, you need to see and approve what is promised to you in the computer environment.

We work in our health center in Antalya, in a closed area of ​​15000 square meters. Our technological equipment such as our operating rooms, accommodation rooms, modern architectural designs, intensive care unit is sufficient. In short, we use 21st century technology. Moreover, we continue to serve you today with our fully equipped and academic career doctors. We do our best for you to experience the feeling of quality and trust. We strongly recommend that you feel valued and meet our warm and friendly staff. We have been working in eyebrow, beard and hair transplantation for a long time, knowing that we value our human relations more than anything else, and that we are a health institution.

Hair loss begins in men between the ages of 15-20. This process is first seen at the top of the head. Then it expands towards the area close to the temples. Hair can fall out from the roots for different reasons. Excessive use of gel and hair styling is harmful. That is, you should not turn to unhealthy and excessively fatty (harmful) nutrition techniques for the body. Metabolism sometimes does not help in the development and growth necessary for hair.

In this case, the hair may turn white or fall out without whitening. In women, lifeless hair is seen. Also, the hair strands are getting thinner. They may even experience processes in which shedding is felt more strongly in some areas. Iron deficiency, thyroid disease, genetic predispositions or disorders cause them. It is among our duties to investigate all these with a blood test, to tell you what needs to be done and the treatment that should be applied, almost like a life coach. You can reach more detailed information by making an appointment with our clinic about the necessary vitamin supplements, learning what you did wrong and hair transplant.